Restaurants in Hazelwood

Explore the growing restaurant scene in Hazelwood

    The suburb known as Hazelwood, situated just above the Pretoria Country Club, east of Waterkloof, is a pretty neighbourhood in the heart of the sought-after eastern suburbs of Pretoria, close to Menlyn shopping centre.

    Streets are leafy, gardens well maintained and access to anywhere in Pretoria excellent, particularly with the N1 so close at hand and Lynnwood and Atterbury Roads within easy distance. You are also close to many green belts, or green spots in the city - Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, National Botanical Gardens and the Groenkloof Nature Reserve are all close by, and the university is but a quick drive up Charles Street.

    The Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, just on the other side of the Atterbury Road Interchange from Hazelwood, is arguably one of the best places within the city to go birding. Some 150 species have been recorded here, including rarities like the corncrake and river warbler. It's also a favourite spot for walking dogs and groups of people meet up here to venture out along the walks.

    Colbyn Valley Nature Area is just across the Colbyn Valley from the National Botanical Gardens (an ideal picnic venue) and, while in need of better protection, it is a great space and one to which visitors seldom go (so best to go in a group). It is a wetland area containing peat fossils that date back 8 500 years with at least 6 threatened species of birds. There is an ongoing bid to restore this wetland and save the peatland that is so important.

    While in Hazelwood, make sure you take the time to visit the Hazelwood Food Market, on Saturday mornings on Pinaster Street.


    Hazelwood, Pretoria.

    • 23 on Hazelwood

      23 on Hazelwood, a trendy street café in Pretoria, welcomes the ‘hustlers’, the creative entrepreneurs, the misfits and the rebels in the hope that you may find creative inspiration in what we do and how we do it.
      23 Hazelwood Rd, Pretoria, , Hazelwood,, 0081, Pretoria , South Africa
    • Alfie's Pizzeria and Deli

      It has an Italian café feel with many different spots to choose from, depending on your mood. The restaurant is well designed and embraces a street-corner feel as people and traffic pass by. Both the deli section (selling mostly Italian products) and the kitchen on show contribute to the visual appeal. The roomy restaurant has an embracing hum.
      5 16th St,, Hazelwood,, 0081, Pretoria, South Africa
    • Alfies Italian Café

      An authentic Italian Café in the heart of Pretoria. Alfie's Italian Café strives to bring you fresh South African produce with a real Italian twist. We offer a unique dining experience in our small corner of The Village, Hazelwood and aim to serve nothing but the freshest and tastiest Italian cuisine.Alfie’s Italian Café is the original Italian restaurant in the Gastronomia Holdings
      11 Hazelwood Rd,, Hazelwood, 0081, Pretoria, South Africa
    • Burger Bistro

      The idea was simple… Fresh ingredients, homemade patties, hand cut chips, bad-ass milkshakes and good music. Craft beer also helped a bit. Word spread and soon this little restaurant on the other side of town was bursting at its seams with people driving from far and wide to sample these delicious burgers. The only option they had was to expand.One thing is certain though, no matter how big they get they’ll always remember why they’re in this business… To make the best damn burgers in the world!
      15 16th St,, Hazelwood, 0081, Pretoria, South Africa
    • Culture Club

      It's all about the perfect marriage of food, drink and conversation combined to create a feast fit to share with friends or family. ' Tapas' to us is more than the simple act of eating - it's an informal, fun and social way to enjoy good food and company. You get to tailor your meal by ordering a variety of tapas dishes that suit your likes and tastes and everyone gets to share the selection, you may even be a bit adventurous and try something different. We encourage you to explore our flavours. we at culture club define  'tapas' as more a style of eating than strictly spanish recipes. our menu combines mixed influences from the mediterranean, middle east, asia and some great local flavours too.
      SHOP E, THE VILLAGE, NO 15, 16TH STREET,, Hazelwood, 0081, Pretoria, South Africa
    • Oze' Café and Bistro

      Boasting a restaurant, bar and bakery, 23 on Hazelwood has it all. Pair any of our handcrafted menu items with the craft beverage of your choice.
      24 16th Street 81, Hazelwood, 0081, Pretoria, South Africa
    • Spout Coffee Company

      Spout Coffee Company is an eye-catching new Pretoria cafe, and yet, this is not just another hip joint that could be on any continent. The vibe here is more about “gut feel”, as Spout owner Philipp Exter tells me, on “gut feel” and feels utterly at home here in Pretoria, a town known to march to its own beat beyond the administrative buildings and worker bees. For starters, the space has been built on unused lot space in Pretoria’s Hazelwood neighborhood, with the cafe occupying a pair of recycled shipping containers stacked on top of each other. It’s the first such recycled container space in the city, and the design touches throughout the small space help the bar to stand out.
      Corner of 16th street and Firwood avenue, Hazelwood, 0081, Pretoria, South Africa
    • Taso s Bar and Grill

      0123 46 01 50
      Firwood Avenue and 16th street, Hazelwood, 0081, Pretoria, South Africa